Renting the Jacobs Music Center

The following information is provided to assist you in planning your event at Jacobs Music Center / Copley Symphony Hall.
Should you need additional information or wish to pursue renting the Hall, please contact Dennis Legg at or 619.615.3916. You may also contact Chris Muñoz at or 619.236.5406. Technical Package information for Copley Symphony Hall may be found here.

Complete Rental Rates, Technical Information and Production Procedures >


Item Description Cost
Copley Symphony Hall Rental Hall rental hours are from 8am – 12 midnight $2,500 vs. 10% of gross ticket sales, whichever is greater, capped at $4,500 for non-profit organizations and at $5,500 for commercial organizations.
Technical Day (no performers or audience on site) $1,250
Rehearsal / Sound Check Day (with performers or audience on site) $1,750
Gould Room 41' x 26'. Elegant room for private parties. Capacity 70. $250 with Hall Rental
$400 without Hall Rental $400 without Hall Rental $400 without Hall Rental
Lobby Rental Only - Upper Lobby Upper Lobby capacity: 120 seated; 235 standing $600
Lobby Rental Only - Lower Lobby Lower Lobby capacity: 250 seated; 496 standing $1,000
Utilities Surcharge Offset cost of utilities $500 per day
Front of House Services House Manager and Ushers $850
Building Engineer Must be present when building in use $23.50 per hour
Security Minimum of two $23 to $25 per hour per guard - call for additional information.
Custodial Services Restroom Porters, Cleaning Crew and Supplies $800 - $1,000 depending on event, call for details.
Tables 8' x 30" $8 each
Skirting & Linens $12 per set
Chairs Straight back or molded $1.00 per chair
Telephone service (backstage) 3 phone lines on stage level $100 each
Wi-Fi Available backstage $100


Item Description Cost
Stage Crew Please request IATSE Estimate TBD per IATSE Local #122
Strike or Restore Shell, Ceiling & Orchestra strike and restore are often necessary. Call for details.
Piano Concert grand $325
Piano Tuning $225
Follow Spots (2) SuperTrouper Xenon Medium Throw $250 each
Lectern Wood collegiate or tall lecture $30
Projectors (2) Sony 7500 $650
Screen A - 9' x 12' motorized, roll-down $75
Screen B - 24' x 50' movie screen $125
Screen (2) C - 10' x 14' rear projection $75 each
Screen D - 10' x 17' 9" front projection $75 each
Screen (2) Vertical front projection, call for dimensions $75 each
Cyclorama 30' x 60', white, seamless $350

Ticket office & marketing

Item Description Cost
Ticket Office Services Ticket Office staff builds the performance in SDSO database (Tessitura) and makes tickets available for sale $850 (with standard setup chart)
Ticket Stock Only stock provided by SDSOA $0.25 per ticket printed
House Restoration Fee $2.00 per ticket sold / attendee
Event Website Presence - Basic Event is included as a listing on our venue website calendar (included as part of Ticket Office fee) $0
Event Website Presence - Elevated Dedicated landing page on our venue website with detailed information and image $500
Website Banner Ads Banner and web ads available on venue website. Call for pricing and availability.
Lobby Screens Event included on all Jacobs Music Center lobby screens (15) the day/evening of event $500
Email Publicity for Event - Dedicated Dedicated email blast to SDS email list 180K email addresses – one time only (two week lead time required) $2,000
Inclusion in Weekly Email Inclusion in SDS weekly e-newsetter to 45K email addresses (one week lead time required) $500 per inclusion
Additional Options Limited lobby exposure - flyers and/or a poster. (Keeping in mind it must be tasteful and blend into our current marketing program in the Hall) Call for pricing and availability.
Additional Options Ad purchase via our program book, Performances Magazine, through Southern California Magazine Group. Call for pricing and availability.
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